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Televizyon Lakay gives you the choice and flexibility to watch your favorite TV live or on demand, at home –anytime, anywhere.

Our partners

Haiti Broadcasting NAGO FM Tele Hirondelle Radio Television Caraibes Radio Tele Ginen
  • Haiti Broadcasting
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    All Haitians and the rest of the world can remain in permanent contact with Haiti, with the Mobile application Haiti Broadcasting, which gives the possibility of access to televisions and local radios. Easy to use interface.

    Haiti Broadcasting

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    Zeno Media has been developing products for over ten years including Podcast By Phone, ZenoRadio and ZenoLive. We recently acquired the only other leader in the space, AudioNow, to form a global media powerhouse serving 10.5 billion listening minutes in over 100 languages.

    Zeno Media

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    A project to revalue and promote Haitian music.

    Nago TV

  • Tele Hirondelle
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    The southern department of Haiti is full of potential. It is moving more and more into a dynamic of development and requires permanent coverage of information dissemination by the media including television and radio.

    Tele Hirondelle

  • Radio Television Caraibes
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    Tele Caraibes

  • Radio Tele Ginen
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    Radio Tele Ginen is a politics, sports, and music Haitian radio and television station based in Port-au-Prince

    Tele Ginen