The clip “Nou preske pa moun anko,” a biography of a chaotic society, was released.

The first images of the clip “Nou preske pa moun anko” show Richard Cavé in conversation with various layers of Haitian society. The video focuses on young people who are constantly fleeing the country, schoolchildren whose future is increasingly jeopardized… It is a biography of the current state of the country, in which Haitians are adapting to an unlivable reality that conceals the heart of a people who were once kings of conviviality.

When Richard begins the chorus part, which states: “Nou fémen je n pou n pa wè – Nou fémen kè n pou n pa wont – Manti n ap bay tèt nou,” this man is the typical incarnation of the politicians who run the country, cold, cynical, without qualms…

Hati is sick, and there are no miracle doctors who will cure the cancer that has plagued the country for decades. No, it is more important to consider the derivations, and each Haitian must ultimately decide to leave behind the barricades such as Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram in order to get to the heart of the reality and then return to sell the image of Haiti before other people come to do tourism.

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