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The city of Les Cayes in Haiti laments the loss of “Ma Aunt”!

By dorcely , in HEADLINES , at June 14, 2021

“Chez Ma Tante,” you’re undoubtedly familiar with this name. “Chez Ma Tante,” located on Gelee Beach, more particularly on one of the multicolored wood terraces, is a benchmark restaurant in Gelee Beach: warm greeting, prestige, griots, juicy tomato, onion rings, measured banana, seafood…

Following health issues, the proprietor of this establishment died early this morning, June 13, 2021, in the city of Les Cayes. We still don’t know the actual reasons for her death at this time.

“My Aunt” was admired by all of her clients because she was kind, smiling, and humble. The departure of “Ma aunt” signifies a significant loss for the South’s tourism industry.
That his soul is at ease.

Source: medianou