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The Haitian Football Federation has requested a cease-fire.

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“Give yourself a truce and allow us to arrange the match Haiti vs Belize,” the secretary general of the Haitian Football Federation, Carlo Marcelin, recommended on two radio stations. Radio in the Haitian capital a little more than 48 hours before the kick-off of the Haiti vs. Belize match at the Sylvio Cator stadium on Thursday evening. Following the incident involving the bus of the Belize delegation, the group “Fantom 509,” Haiti has found itself even more in the crosshairs of the international community in terms of security and the organization of international meetings.

“While the wellbeing setting and instability keep individuals from going to Haiti, the public authority should exploit this setting where an appointment is compelled to come there to show individuals, particularly outsiders that they can make the excursion in guaranteeing their security, “added Thécieux Gentil, talking on Radio Caraïbes a couple of moments after Carlo Marcelin.

The Belize assignment sent a video to their league which they posted on Facebook showing that they had been assaulted by shooters on their way to a lodging. A reality which is a long way from being actually what she contended since the Belize appointment was not by and by assaulted. The transport that carried him to his lodging unintentionally encountered the exhibit of the “Fantom 509” police and the last mentioned, ignorant of what it’s identity was, requested the transport driver to turn around. Educated by the cops who were accompanying the assignment of what it’s identity was, they permitted the said transport to course, which showed up discreetly at its objective right away. Just the way that the transport was halted in an antagonistic environment, the individuals from the designation felt compromised.

Source: https://lenouvelliste.com/article/227606/insecurite-la-federation-haitienne-de-football-sollicite-une-treve