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The Gonaives School of Law and Economics functions without the UEH Rectorate’s restructuring commission.

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In recent years, the Gonaves School of Law and Economics has faced significant academic and structural challenges.

Despite this, the school’s officials never held elections for a new board capable of dealing with the EDSEG’s different issues.

In response to this observation, the Rectorate of the State University of Haiti agreed five months ago to form a restructuring commission comprised of many personalities from the city of independence.

Professor Dufreine Guillaume leads this commission, which has a three-year mandate.

Since its establishment, this commission has failed to take over the reins of the aforementioned School, claiming that the rectorate breached the internal rules of the School of Law and Economic Sciences of Gonaves. As a result, the former leaders continue to take administrative actions, bringing the 2019-2020 academic year to a close.

The Rectorate of Haiti State University sent several letters to the former leaders in an effort to enable the new restructuring commission to be appointed. Unfortunately, all efforts have been futile so far.

Source: https://rezonodwes.com/2021/03/23/lecole-de-droit-et-des-sciences-economiques-des-gonaives-fonctionne-sans-la-commission-de-restructuration-du-rectorat-de-lueh/