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Roody Roodboy: “we should carry harmony to the ghettos before delight”

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“The two positions are substantial. From one viewpoint, that of specific specialists contending that it is a danger to reject the proposal of a pack chief, since craftsmen are obvious objectives. They report where they will perform and advise when they are in the studio. Then again, the populace is more right than wrong to contend that these stars ought not work for these individuals who hurt him so much, “said Roody Roodboy. “Actually, I have my position. The group chiefs called me as well. Be that as it may, I have a line to follow. In the ghettos, I coordinate social exercises for my own sake.

The “Chèf blòk” consistently give the green light since they feel that it is useful for the local area when I disperse school materials, for instance. However, how is it possible that they would request that I come and partake in their social exercises in this specific circumstance? I will consistently deny, “proceeded with the artist, accepting that we should initially assuage the ghettos prior to bringing them joy.

Source: https://lenouvelliste.com/article/227524/roody-roodboy-il-faut-apporter-la-paix-aux-ghettos-avant-le-plaisir